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What Does Our Team Do and How Do We Do It?

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Step 1: Understanding and Planning

The first thing we do is listen. We aim to understand not only the specific needs and desires of our clients but also grasp the essence of what they seek to achieve. This stage includes initial discovery meetings, during which we delve into the details, explore possibilities, and clearly define the scope and budget of the project.Once we have a clear understanding of the expectations, we proceed with preliminary procedures, including the search for suitable properties (if necessary), legal and urban planning research, and securing all necessary licenses to move forward.

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- Property Search

-Legal Research

-Urban Planning Research

-City hall License


Step 2: Design and Architecture

With the legal and conceptual foundation in place, we move on to the design and architecture phase. Here, our architects and designers begin to bring the project to life. We develop architectural projects for new constructions, renovations, and extensions, including interior and exterior designs, landscaping, as well as 3D visualizations and videos that allow clients to see and feel their project even before construction begins.

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-Architectural Projects

- New Construction

- Renovations

- Extensions

-Interior & Exterior Designs

-3D Images

-3D Videos

- Custom furniture design 


Step 3: Construction Planning

Before the first stone is laid, we dive into a critical phase: exhaustive planning. This stage not only defines the critical path of the project but also lays the groundwork for the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire construction process. One of our priorities is to ensure that the project develops within the established budget, without sacrificing quality or the client’s vision.


For this, we adopt a comparative and competitive approach in obtaining quotes from both construction companies and suppliers of materials and services, allowing us to optimize costs and ensure the best value for our clients by presenting those that not only meet our quality standards but also offer the best conditions and prices.

Related tasks

-Time coordination

-Comparative quotes requests

- Supplier selection


Step 4: Construction Execution and Monitoring

Our team coordinates every step of the construction process and is present in both the management and the work, from start to finish, ensuring that times, budget, and desired quality are respected.

At Indetail, transparency and communication are the pillars of our relationship, which is why we send weekly reports to ensure our clients are always aware of the progress.

Related tasks

-Comprehensive reforms
-Small renovations

-Pools and gardens

-Quality and material controls

-Construction monitoring with weekly reports

-Construction certifications

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Step 5: Delivery and After-sales

Once construction is completed, we conduct a thorough review to ensure everything is perfect. Then comes the exciting moment of project delivery. But our commitment to our clients doesn’t end here. We make sure they are completely satisfied and remain available for any subsequent needs because at Indetail, we build relationships as lasting as our constructions.

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- Real estate commercial advice

- LPO licenses

- Tourist licenses

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