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Villa Robles, Argentina 

Villa Robles is a magnificent private seaside neighborhood distinguished by its extensive range of activities and services, surrounded by a beautifully natural environment for you to enjoy the great outdoors.

Among the numerous amenities it offers, you'll find:


  • A professional golf course in a privileged and challenging setting.

  • Several professional tennis courts, are ideal for tennis enthusiasts.

  • Football fields (adaptable for rugby and hockey practice).

  • An unparalleled pedestrian trail.

  • Biking lanes for a scenic ride amidst trees.

  • A cricket field, catering to enthusiasts of this traditional and elegant sport.

  • A target shooting area, perfect for those who enjoy precision and skill.

  • An elegant Clubhouse, featuring dressing rooms, a high-quality restaurant, and indoor and outdoor swimming pools, providing the perfect setting to relax and socialize in an exclusive environment.

  • Two polo fields, offering a unique and passionate sports experience.

  • An equestrian circuit designed for horse riding and jumping, catering to horse lovers.

we invite you to discover this marvelous lot for sale, directly from the owner. Lot No. 490-B1, situated in a privileged position within the neighborhood, covers an area of 1171 m2, with a construction potential of more than 500m2. 

technical data: Fot: 0.5 , Fos: 0.35, Alt. Más: 8m. 

Located just 25 minutes away from Pinamar!

To request more information, please contact us

Sabrina Mainenti 



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