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Dublín Restaurant 

At Indetail, we had the honor of participating in the design and construction oversight of the renovation of the iconic Dublin bar in Benalmádena Costa. This project was much more than a simple refurbishment; it was a complete transformation that breathed new life into this beloved establishment. Every detail was meticulously planned to blend the Dublin's tradition and charm with a modern, functional design, creating a welcoming and vibrant space that invites patrons to enjoy a unique experience. We are proud to have contributed to revitalizing this gathering spot, ensuring it remains a community landmark.

In the following image gallery, you'll find a mix of photos showcasing the transformation process from start to finish. We include design stage renders, before and during construction photos, and, of course, the final result, featuring a bustling restaurant filled with people enjoying the cozy atmosphere we've created.

For us, there's nothing more important than bringing projects to life, resulting in new beginnings for our clients and, in the case of businesses, increased revenue. We pay attention to every detail of the process, not just because it's our duty, but because it's what we truly enjoy doing.

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